Monday, February 21, 2011


Spiced Herbed Nuts

Ashamed. Yes, it's been far too long since I have given some attention to this blog. Unfortunately, when I changed my email account I lost most of my pictures in previous posts. Nevermind that. There is plenty more deliciousness in store.

I am fortunate enough to have the best parents in the world, and because of that they drove out to help me move over Christmas. I won't get into the moving part because we all know moving tops the list of boring things to do. The more interesting thing we did was eat a lot of incredible food- like the beautiful mixed nuts pictured above. They were roasted with a variety of herbs, butter, brown get the idea. You can find the recipe here.

Another amazingly decadent treat we had was fondue. Now, I've had fondue and I always come away feeling somehow completely annoyed by the experience. But not this fondue. No, this, well, you just have to make it for yourself. And don't skimp on the pickles.

And then for dinner... I have long dreamed of a recipe I once saw Giada De Laurentiis make on Food Network. All I could remember was that there was a rich, meaty sauce, pasta and at the end you sprinkle it with shredded bittersweet chocolate. Somehow we found it, Short Rib Tagliatelle, and my, my was it every bit as wonderful as I had imagined. It does require quite a bit of patience though, but it is entirely worth it. The short ribs melt in your mouth, and the brothy, tomato-spiked sauce is good enough to sop up with a nice piece of baguette. And I promise the chocolate on top is good.

Now this bad boy was a pure lesson in patience. Meet the Decadent Trifle. First, you make ginger cake, studded with fresh cranberries. It goes on the bottom, drizzled with sherry. Next, the cake is topped with raspberries tossed with kirsch. Then white chocolate blueberry custard is spooned over, which is then covered with raspberry sauce. And what would it be without chocolate? Why not add chocolate custard? And then cover it with a whipped concoction called syllabub? I think, yes.

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