Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks

Symphony of hiss, sizzle, and saute. 
Steam-kissed windows beckon with promise.
Edible treasures await:
Crimson cranberry orbs, flaky dough coins, glaringly golden squash.
Today, we eat.
Today, we bow our heads in thanks that we were not the weak, the primitive, the godless.
And we give thanks that our ancestors etched their conquests on the cherub cheeks of history,
Otherwise we might be living out someone else's appreciation;
A different tale of gratitude.
Scrape of the knife, clattering plates, and forkfuls of forgetfulness to sate our
starving, overweight nation.
The corporations have turned my favorite holiday into
a gravy boat segway to Christmas decorations.
But they still can't make Hallmark cards that capture:
Family, friends, food and the feeling of Together.
Grateful and gracious we gorge our collective memory on the fulfillment of unity;
There is no more gratifying dish.

Decadence from a past Thanksgiving

This time of year I'm practically giddy with excitement.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it's all about the company and the food.  The pressure of consumerism is just around the corner, and the end of year hustle is beginning.  There is no better time to do some good ol' gut-busting cooking and spend time with the people you care about.

I don't know if it's the fact that I miss my family or that I just want the traditional Thanksgiving meal, but I've taken a bit of a, ahem, how shall we say, detour from my recent dietary changes.  By detour, I mean that we're having turkey.  So really, it's less of a detour and more like I pulled the emergency brake while in motion, but oh well.

My dilemma is that Tofurkey really does not appeal to me.  It doesn't look appealing, doesn't sound appealing, no thank you.  I've been a vegetarian through many a Thanksgiving and was always just fine with eating the sides.  The meat substitute was never an issue, and never really something I desired.  So how did we arrive at the bird carcass, you ask?  Sheer vanity.  I wanted turkey!  And it's really just that simple.  I also wanted real butter and real eggs and real cream for the few recipes that actually call for them.  In a way I feel like I'm giving up on eating healthier and cruelty-free foods, but this is more of a dalliance than it is a lifestyle change.  I'm thankful that I'm able to make these changes in my diet without suffering any serious consequences.

Pictures of the feast to follow!

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