Sunday, November 27, 2011

Indulged, indeed.

  Someone once said that it's not so much where you are, but who you're with.  My confidence in this comment has wavered somewhat over time.  When I wasn't where I wanted to be geographically, at least I was with the one I loved.  When I was where I wanted to be, the one I loved was far away (though on his way.)  And this Thanksgiving, I am where I want to be, with the one I love, but without the nearness and warmth of my dear family.
  Don't get me wrong, I love my life and my career, even if they have taken me farther than I've ever been from my loved ones.  Weeks and months pass by quickly, with the normal grind taking over one's schedule, but it's really during the holidays that I have the time to reflect on the fact that I'm several states, and a couple of time zones away from home!  But as a friend also living far away from home remarked, we are incredibly lucky to have such wonderful people to miss.
  Thanksgiving was a small affair for us this year- normally we attend anywhere from three to four in one weekend!  Three of us gathered around our modest table as it all but groaned under the weight of all of the food, and practiced the annual tradition of over-indulgence.  Not one dish was less than wonderful, if I do say so myself, and we have been exuberantly eating leftovers for the past couple of days!

Homemade Whipped Cream  

Parker House Rolls
Tuscan Kale and Brussels Sprout Salad

Loaded plate

Classic Double-Crust Apple Pie
Feeling a little ambitious, I decided to make a beautiful, golden stock from the turkey carcass.  Since that wasn't very much work once it was in the pot, I thought I should probably also make some bread in the bread maker Allen's grandma gave us.  It was my first time using a bread maker, and I really enjoyed how you just put the ingredients in the pan, close the lid, put in the yeast and press Start!  I took the recipe right off of the bag of King Arthur Bread Flour- Oatmeal Toasting & Sandwich Bread, and despite the fact that I didn't really follow their instructions, the bread turned out nicely.  It's a little bit sweet and has a velvety, without being crumbly, texture.  I can't wait to use my machine again!

As this was my first Thanksgiving cooking everything, I decided to make a list of  the things I learned and share them:

5 Things I Learned About Thanksgiving
1. Turkey is overrated.
2. A potato ricer is the key to perfect mashed potatoes.  Buy one.
3. Planning, planning, planning.  Unless you want to eat at midnight, when it's not even Thanksgiving anymore.
4. If you must cook a turkey, high temp/short cooking time is the way to go.  Figure about 10 minutes per pound at 450 degrees F.
5.  The simpler the stuffing, the better.

And, of course, enjoy it all to the last bite!


A Little Pinch said...

Thanks Evan, great post:)

Kate said...

def. going to try the kale and brussel sprout salad. I aaaadore b.s.