Monday, October 7, 2013

30 Things I Wish I'd Done Before I Turned 30: #30

I'm turning 30 in about 13 days, and although I don't view the weeks to come as some proverbial tunnel into the despair of 'old age,' I have been giving some thought to three decades alive and where I would want to be versus where I thought I would be on the other side of it.

It's easy to get bogged down at the Guilt Fest, where the headliners are all the things you wish you'd had time to do.  All of the adventures you were supposed to have.  It's easy to forget all of the truly great things that have happened by choosing to focus on the things that haven't.

At 30, some people think their youth is over, but I'd venture to say it is just beginning.  We are more independent, our brains have finished fully developing, we've survived the soul-crushings and all-nighters of our 20s, and maybe now we're ready for something more.  Maybe we're even 'successful' by now. Whatever that means.  Regardless of your definition, I think we can all identify to with the desire to enjoy life to the fullest.  How we fill it is perhaps where all the fun is...

#30. Attend Burning Man
Yes.  I want to go.  I hate outdoor music festivals and the smell of cheap Patchouli, but something about this decades-old desert arts frolic has me intrigued.  I love dressing up in fun costumes, looking at large art installations, meeting new people, and of course, dancing.  So, next August, you might find me on the Playa...    

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Phil said...

29 to go! We're waiting!